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Meet Frosty

Dog - Husky, Siberian/Malamute, Alaskan

Sex: Male

Age: 7.92 years

Weight: 96 lbs.

Color: Black/White

Current Status: Available Foster

Name: Frosty

About Frosty

Sex: Male

Color: Black & White

Eye Color: Hazel/Brown

Birthday: 10/31/2013

Weight: 96 pounds

Large Dog Friendly: Yes, especially female.

Small Dog Friendly: Yes

Cat Friendly: No

Crate Trained: Yes, but does well outside of the crate.

Housebroken: Yes, is very diligent about giving you signals to go out.

Energy Level: Moderate-Low. Frosty is a couch potato. He does get excited when you come home, but settles down very quickly. He is also interested in critters in the yard, but doesn't have the speed to catch them.

Reaction to New People: Frosty is excited to meet new people. It is one of the few times he gets overly energetic.

Kid Friendly: Not a lot of exposure to kids, but seemed to do well with the toddler and baby when visiting another foster home -- he mostly ignores them.

Training: Frosty knows sit, shake, stay, and lay down. He is stubborn though, like a typical northern breed.

Fence: Frosty is quite interested and distracted by wildlife, so a fence is strongly encouraged.

Solo or Siblings: Frosty would do just fine as a solo dog. He loves human attention and can get jealous if he sees another dog getting more attention than him. He does well around other dogs, especially females.

From the Foster: Frosty is a big ol' sweet baked potato. He's just as happy being a couch potato as he is going on a walk (to keep an eye on the neighborhood squirrels). He is a big boy, so when he gets excited, he can be a little intimidating/overwhelming, but he is just excited to show everyone how special he is. Once he is comfortable with you, he will follow you around the house begging for belly rubs (and treats). He is a smart guy and learns the rules of the house quickly, even if he is not keen to follow them. He is a cuddler at heart and doesn't know that 96 pound puppies aren't supposed to be lap dogs.

Adoption Fee: $275

All dogs coming into Adopt A Husky Minnesota receive care tailored to their needs, including: Nose-to-tail exam with a partner veterinarian, Vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella), 4DX test to check for heartworm or tick exposure, Fecal Analysis, Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative, Spay/Neuter prior to adoption, Microchip, and are evaluated for temperament and trainability.