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Meet Kipo

Dog - Husky, Siberian

Sex: Male

Age: 1.67 years

Weight: 53 lbs.

Color: Black

Current Status: Available Foster

Name: Kipo

About Kipo

Sex: Male

Color: Black and white

Eye Color: Blue

Birthday: 02/01/2021

Weight: 53 lbs

Large Dog Friendly: Yes

Small Dog Friendly: unknown

Cat Friendly: No

Crate Trained: Yes, fusses some at first

Housebroken: Mostly

Energy Level: High

Reaction to New People: Loves people

Kid Friendly: 12 and over

Training: Working on walking on a leash, knows sit, shake

Grooming Needs: Normal husky coat which will require regular thorough brushing. You should aim for once a week or so, and more when he is blowing his coat, typically twice a year.

Fence: Yes preferably

Solo or Siblings: Would prefer to be solo

From the Foster: Kipo loves to be petted and go for walks. He enjoys playing with other huskies his size. He also loves to be close to his people. He thinks the water bowl is to play in, and loves the hose. He is not real good about sharing his food, treats or toys, so he must be fed separately and given these things in his crate when he's alone; because of this, he would prefer to be the only dog in the houe. Ultimately this fun boy is looking for someone to give him lots of attention and take him on all of their adventures. He is a quick learner and would be a great partner on your bikejor, skijor, or running team. If you are ready to be Kipo's whole world, send in an application today!

Adoption Fee: $400

All dogs coming into Adopt a Husky Minnesota receive care tailored to their needs, including: Nose-to-tail exam with a partner veterinarian, Vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella), 4DX test to check for heartworm or tick exposure, Fecal Analysis, Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative, Spay/Neuter prior to adoption, Microchip, and are evaluated for temperament and trainability.