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Meet Dakota

Dog - Husky

Sex: Female

Age: 6.33 years

Weight: 73 lbs.

Color: Beige/Tan

Current Status: Home To Home

*Please contact the owner directly, Adopt A Husky Minnesota does not have this dog, nor are we able to answer questions about her* Contact: Laura via text at (651) 367-4709 or email:

About Dakota

Name: Dakota

Sex: Female

Color: Beige with tan and black

Eye Color: One blue, one brown

Birthday: 8/2016

Weight: lbs 73

Large Dog Friendly: unsure

Small Dog Friendly: unsure

Cat Friendly: unsure

Crate-Trained: not that I know of

Housebroken: yes

Energy Level: low

Reaction to New People: likes people, will bark if someone new comes in the house but is fine with them coming in and petting her

Kid Friendly: Excellent with kids; lets them hug and pet her; plays with them on occasion; loves to run when others run first and may fetch for a while. She loves hugs and sits quietly for them, she loves to give kisses, though I have been training her not to lick so much.

Training: Easily trainable, I haven't had her long and haven't really worked much with her because I knew she probably couldn't stay, but she could sit, come, and would sometimes fetch when I got her; she has learned to walk on the side of the street along the curb; she is starting to "go lay down"; and tries with "no licks", but she is lovey and that's how she shows affection.

Additional Information: Dakota is such a great dog. She is sweet and friendly. She really doesn't need a leash because she does not run off, comes when you call, and walks right to the house when you are going home. She is content indoors, loves being outside, and could use a fenced yard to get more outdoor time in - she is more excited outside now because it is getting cooler and Huskies love colder weather. She loves riding in the car and quietly sits or lays down - she can ride long distances. Dakota only barks when she hears someone outside or gives a small low bark when leery about a cat or dog, so she is generally quiet. She does howl sometimes when left alone in the house, especially if left in a small space. Dakota came to us with anxiety which right now we are treating with medication. She is getting much better at not having to follow me around the house and will stay on her own if left in the house and not in a small room. I have not left her for more than a few hours, she has someone in the house with her most of the day, though not always in the same space. She does not chew or destroy things, though when left in one small bedroom she has tried to dig out and messed up some carpet (that was already pulling loose). I feel like she would be more content if left in a fenced yard, but I am not sure about that since my yard is small and not fenced. Dakota is a very trainable and easy-to-care-for dog. She is friendly and loving and so good with kids. She does need daily medication - at least for a while and will take some time to get used to a new environment. I have had her for just over a month and she is much better than when I adopted her. She is used to the house and our routines and is happy and secure. I just have such an erratic schedule as a teacher that it makes it difficult to give her the attention and help she needs to continue to get through her anxious times. Dakota would love a house with a yard and kids, but would also do well in a quieter and calmer home, with someone retired or someone who is homebound and needs a companion.

Please contact Laura via text at (651) 367-4709 or email: