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Meet Marti

Dog - Husky

Sex: Male

Age: 2.58 years

Weight: 56 lbs.

Color: White/White

Current Status: Unavailable Foster

Name: Marti

About Marti

Sex: Male

Color: White

Eye Color: Blue

Age: ~2.5 years

Approximate Weight: 56 pounds

Good With Dogs: Yes

Good With Cats: Unknown

Crate Trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Energy Level: moderate

Good With Kids: Unknown. His overall demeanor is gentle, however given the chance to snuggle, he will just lean into you and fall on your lap.

Training: He knows Come, Sit, lay down, "bedtime/Kennel (goes to kennel/follows his housemates), leave it. When alone, he walks well on a leash, he pulls more when excited with other dogs. He is eating out of a slow feeder dish. He is very food motivated. If given the chance, he would steal his house mates food at feeding time, so the monitoring of feeding will have to take place (or in a separate area) if housed with another dog.

Comments: Marti is 2-3 year old male. He came to AAHMN as a stray. It is evident he had some training at some point in his life. He is a very easy going dog and listens well. He currently lives in a rural setting. He is inquisitive when it comes to the various wildlife that comes into the yard. He has been exposed to chickens (outside) and the household parrots. He expressed interest in both of these.

He lives with 3 female Siberians; one who is very dominant. Marti minds his manners with the dominant one and has found he can have fun with the easy going 2. He plays well with his housemates but more times than not, likes to run back and sit near his humans. At night he likes to get on top of his humans feet as they sit on the couch. He loves to lean into you whether you are standing or seated and will flip himself over and wait for a belly rub. He likes to follow the lady of the home whether he is in the kitchen lounging, sitting under her feet at the computer or trying to peak in the bathroom! He would fare well as either a solo dog or in a multiple dog home. In social settings, it has been observed that Marti doesn't introduce himself politely to male dogs. We have noticed calmer reactions/demeanor when he is around female dogs. For a smooth transition, it is recommended that he go to a home with a female dog. Marti is very food motivated and really aims to please his humans. He has a big voice when he is playing and an equally big & lovable personality.

Marti has entropion in one of his eyes (a genetic abnormality of the eyelids in which the eyelid "rolls" inward. Learn more: ) and is currently undergoing treatment for it. He will be available for adoption following successful treatment.

Adoption Fee: $350

All our fosters are: Spayed or neutered before adoption. Evaluated for temperament and train-ability. Up to date on rabies, distemper and bordetella, Heart-worm tested and on preventative year round. Micro-chipped.