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Meet Gustave - Courtesy Listing

Dog - Husky, Siberian/Husky

Sex: Male

Age: 6.75 years

Weight: 80 lbs.

Color: White/Grey

Current Status: Home To Home

Owner Name: Heather Crowe / The HIT Living Foundation

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 847-293-9614

About Gustave - Courtesy Listing

Dog's Name: Gustave

Birthday: 04/16/2013

Sex: Male

Spayed or Neutered: Neutered

Vaccine Status/Vaccines Needed: Up to Date

Coat Color: White base with gray accents

Eye Color: One blue eye, one brown eye

Weight: 80 lbs

How is (s)he with large dogs: Excellent

How is (s)he with small dogs: Not great with very small pets, has natural husky prey drive

How is (s)he with cats: No cats

Is (s)he kid friendly: Older children yes. Gustave has had a very rough past and would do best in a home with no children, or older children. His demeanor is incredibly mellow and relaxed and his energy would not pair well with younger, energetic children.

What training has (s)he had: Gustave has had a five week course with the renowned dog behaviorist Steffen Baldwin where they worked on resource guarding. Steffen awarded Gustave the all clear and said he passed his training with flying colors. He is smart, loyal, incredibly gentle, house trained, knows all his basic commands including roll over, mellow and mild mannered and one of the sweetest huskies we've ever met.

Crate trained: Yes

Potty trained: Yes

Reason for needing to rehome: Gustave was pulled from a kill shelter in November during the Woolsey fires in Los Angeles as he was back in medical with anal tumors, a chronic skin condition and mystery wounds. The shelter was euthanizing every dog in medical to make room for the dogs coming in from the fires. Gustave was next on the list but was pulled by my now volunteers who were working with no rescue, they just pulled him out of the goodness of their hearts. They rehabbed him and adopted him out to a first time pet owning couple. The couple convinced my volunteers they were going to do everything necessary for Gustave and ended up falling in love with him quickly. A few months later they had a baby completely shifting their energy and focus onto the baby leaving Gustave with little to no physical or mental activity. Becoming restless, Gustave started resource guarding the couple and the new baby and would give growls and ankle bites to people who would come into the house. The couple started to demonize him and neither person in the couple acted as alpha. Gustave sensed their negative energy and that they really didn't want him any more. He shut down and became a different dog. The family of the couple told them if they didn't get rid of him or euthanize him they would no longer come over to visit. Hence, he ended up back my volunteers who pulled and with the HIT Living Foundation. As you know, huskies are highly intelligent canines who need experienced owners or owners who know how to properly and effectively keep this working breed active to maintain their mental state.

If you are interested in Gustave please contact his rescue directly, AAHMN cannot answer questions regarding this dog. Please do not use the application on our website to apply for him, thanks!

Owner Name: Heather Crowe / The HIT Living Foundation

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 847-293-9614