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Meet Pinto - Courtesy Listing

Dog - Husky, Siberian/Mixed Breed (Medium)

Sex: Male

Age: 6.08 years

Weight: 60 lbs.

Color: Black/White

Current Status: Home To Home

Owner Name: Amy B

Contact Email:

Contact Phone: 320-222-8267

About Pinto - Courtesy Listing

Dog's Name: Pinto

Birthday: 6+ years old

Sex: Male

Spayed or Neutered: Neutered

Vaccine Status/Vaccines Needed: Up to Date

Coat Color: Black & White

Eye Color: Bi Eyes (One blue, one brown)

Weight: 60 lbs

How is he with large dogs: Pinto should be an only dog

How is he with small dogs: No little dogs for Pinto

How is he with cats: No cats for Pinto

Is he kid friendly: Pinto does fine with older, respectful children

What training has he had: Knows sit and come

Crate trained: Yes

Potty trained: Yes

Reason for needing to rehome: Pinto is a 6+ year old husky mix. He was transported to MN back in January 2019 from Texas. The rescue that transported him here, had him treated for heartworm. He then came to Ridgewater College in Willmar, MN to the Veterinary Technology Program. His HW treatment was successful and is on monthly preventative year round. Upon retesting him for HW, we discovered that he also has Ehrlichia. We treated him with a course of doxycycline. He has never shown any clinical signs of the disease. He had a pretty rough go during his recovery from HW treatment and we ran some bloodwork and discovered that he has chronic kidney failure. He is currently being successfully managed through diet (Science Diet K/D + mobility). Over all, health-wise, he is maintaining! A perfect home for him would be this: Only pet. He has a very high prey drive... he will kill chickens, cats or anything else that is small, furry and runs or flies. He did ok with some of the dogs that we have had here but didn't do well with others. He would be most set for success as an only child. He loves to be outside, but is in hunt mode when he is, so a fenced area would be best for him so he doesn't put his nose to the ground and go. He LOVES to go for walks and explore. He enjoys car rides. He spent the summer in a foster home with one of our 1st year students and did great! He was kenneled when she was gone and kenneled at night. He doesn't like to go in the kennel but will. He is housetrained but may require going out more frequently to urinate. He has been a very good boy for us here, no signs of aggression toward any people. He would do ok with older, respectful and calm children. An experienced dog owner would be ideal. He really is a sweet boy, mild mannered and generally pretty happy, despite living in a kennel. He has been neutered, is up to date with vaccines and is microchipped. Pinto has been searching for his forever home since January and is tired of shelter life!

If you are interested in Pinto please contact his shelter directly, AAHMN cannot answer questions regarding this dog. Please do not use the application on our website to apply for him, thanks!

Owner Name: Amy B Contact Email: Contact Phone: 320-222-8267