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Meet Miss Frizzle

Dog - Husky, Siberian/Husky

Sex: Female

Age: 1.42 years

Weight: 53.4 lbs.

Color: Red/Mahogany/White

Current Status: Available Foster

Name: Miss Frizzle

About Miss Frizzle

Sex: Female

Color: Red & White

Eye Color: Blue Eyes

Birthday: 01/16/2019

Weight: 53.4 lbs

Large Dog Friendly: Miss Frizzle gets along well with her mellow male foster brother, but not always with her foster sister. This has improved quite a bit over the last couple weeks though.

Small Dog Friendly: So far so good! She has had no issues at the dog park.

Cat Friendly: No, she cannot live in a home with cats

Crate Trained: Yes! Miss Frizzle does very well in her crate, and sleeps in one through the night without a peep!

Housebroken: Yes, as long as she is let out every 3-4 hours during the day if not crated

Energy Level: Moderate-High

Reaction to New People: Excited and a little jumpy, but super friendly

Kid Friendly: Yes, but would do best with older/bigger kids because of her bouncy energy (age 10 and older)

Training: Knows sit, shake, look at me, leave it, and takes treats gently. Working on lay down.

Grooming Needs: Miss Frizzle has a standard husky coat which will require frequent thorough brushing. You should aim for at least once a week, and more when she is blowing her coat, typically twice a year.

Fence: A fence or strong tie out (or both) is a must. She escaped the fenced yard more than once in her previous home.

Solo or Siblings: We think Miss Frizzle would be fine as an only dog as long as she gets enough exercise. If not an only dog she can only go to a home with males dogs who are laid back and will let her run the show.

From the Foster: Miss Frizzle is a goofy, friendly, and sweet girl who came to us after being surrendered by her previous owners because they didn't have enough time to give her the love and attention she deserves. She loves to hang out with her foster parents and keep an eye on what they're up to, especially in the kitchen. She is very food-motivated and is always looking for a treat, but knows that she has to sit and wait patiently in order to get one. Miss Frizzle also loves attention, and will take all the pets and belly rubs you can give her. She had previously lived with her litter mate sister, and is now living with a foster brother and sister. She has gotten along great with her foster brother, and we think she would do best if her new family has a male dog. Initially she did not get along with her foster sister at all, but over the last couple weeks they have been playing well together with minimal issues. Miss Frizzle also does really well on walks and runs with her foster siblings, just pulling for the first few blocks before she calms down and matches your pace. She is a curious and friendly dog who would love to join you on your adventures, especially if they are the active outdoor kind! This cute little lady is a happy girl who is always up for anything (especially the dog park!) and is so much fun to have around. We know she will be a great addition to your family!

Adoption Fee: $350

All dogs coming into Adopt a Husky Minnesota receive care tailored to their needs, including: Nose-to-tail exam with a partner veterinarian, Vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella), 4DX test to check for heartworm or tick exposure, Fecal Analysis, Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative, Spay/Neuter prior to adoption, Microchip, and are evaluated for temperament and trainability.