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Meet Nehani

Dog - Husky, Siberian/Husky

Sex: Female

Age: 7.08 years

Weight: 63 lbs.

Color: Black/White

Current Status: Available Foster

Name: Nehani

About Nehani

Sex: Female

Color: Black & White

Eye Color: Blue Eyes

Birthday: 9/13/13

Weight: 63 lbs

Large Dog Friendly: Very large dog friendly. It should be noted Nehani likes typical husky play, but she is respectful when her playmate has reached his/her limits. She is also respectful of when her foster dad has reached his limits, and she listens nicely to calm down.

Small Dog Friendly: Nehani is small dog friendly. For the most part, she leaves her (small) foster sister alone/is generally aloof to her presence.

Cat Friendly: Untested, but almost assuredly not cat friendly. She likes to watch the squirrels outside, and I assume she'd treat a cat the same way.

Crate Trained: She does very well in her crate. When she first arrived, she was allowed full access to her kennel (where she stayed basically 24 straight hours). She is fed/receives treats in her kennel, and goes in willingly. During the day (when her foster dad was home), her kennel was locked to get her to socialize/blend with her foster siblings. Since then, her kennel remains open, but she chooses to be out and with us, although she does have the ability to go in when she likes.

Housebroken: Yes. She is easily frightened of noises outside, so she does require a little extra time outside (especially if the neighbors are outside).

Energy Level: Mostly low/moderate. She enjoys being lazy with her foster siblings, but does enjoy playtime (especially in the morning and right after coming inside from a bathroom break).

Reaction to New People: Honestly, not great. She is in no way aggressive, but she is petrified of new people and experiences. When people come to the house, she retreats to her kennel and lays down. She'll need a forever family who understands that she will always have some fears and will need slow intros to new people/situations.

Kid Friendly: Unsure. As aforementioned, she is not aggressive, but I have to assume the presence of kids, especially loud ones will terrify her. Because of this she would do best in a home with kids 12 and older.

Training: She is willing to learn, but it requires patience and a quiet/familiar environment. We have lots of rules/rituals in my house, and she adapted to them quickly once she was comfortable with us.

Grooming Needs: Nehani has a standard husky coat which will require frequent thorough brushing. You should aim for at least once a week, and more when she is blowing her coat, typically twice a year.

Fence: Nehani is a flight risk due to her past, therefore a fence will be required for her.

Solo or Siblings: Recommended, but not 100% required. I think it is more important that she has a quiet household in which she is comfortable...siblings or not.

From the Foster: Nehani (or NeNe, as we call her) is a special husky. She will not instantly adjust to her surroundings because of previous life experiences. She came to AAHMN as a release from a puppy mill. However, with a little time and patience, she will become a wonderful dog. In just a couple of weeks with me, she has blossomed from a shy, cowering pup into a loving goofball. She will thrive in a calmer/quieter environment that takes the time to make her comfortable. She likes to cuddle and play in the morning right after she wakes up, and enjoys belly rubs...often walking up to me and demanding them with her paw. She loves toys, and perks up at the squeak of her favorite chicken toy. It takes a special person/family to love a dog like NeNe, but once you give your heart to hear and earn hers in return, you'll never regret it!

Adoption Fee: $250

All dogs coming into Adopt a Husky Minnesota receive care tailored to their needs, including: Nose-to-tail exam with a partner veterinarian, Vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella), 4DX test to check for heartworm or tick exposure, Fecal Analysis, Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative, Spay/Neuter prior to adoption, Microchip, and are evaluated for temperament and trainability.