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Meet Royal

Dog - Husky, Siberian/Husky

Sex: Male

Age: 3.08 years

Weight: lbs.

Color: Sable/White

Current Status: Healthy In Home

Please contact Royals owners directly by phone - Dala 651-324-7145

Adopt A Husky Minnesota does not have this dog, nor are we able to answer questions about him.

About Royal

Name: Royal

Sex: Male (neutered)

Color: Sable and White

Eye Color: One blue, one brown

Birthday: 12/03/2017

Crate Trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes, he is housebroken. When he wants to go outside, he'll vocally let you know or if he is not in a kennel, he will go to the door and scratch.

More about Royal - Royal is a very energetic dog that needs lots of exercise and outdoor time and unfortunately I am not able to give him that anymore since I moved to a location that does not really have a backyard. I do take him to the dog park but not frequent enough for him to burn off his energy. I am also not the alpha to him so he does not listen much to my commands. Everywhere we go, I must make sure that he is leashed or else he will run off and he has so much energy that it takes a while for him to slow down enough for me to get him back. I want to find a family that will be able to give him that space to run and has the time to play with him. He's great with other dogs. He's super playful when he wants to be but when he's not, he's off just running on his own. He does great at the dog park with dogs of all sizes. Royal is super hyper so he'll need to be watch for the first few minutes around kids until he's calmed down. He likes to jumps so that might scare the kids at first but it's just how he shows his excitement to meeting people. He loves meeting new people and new dogs. He's curious for the first few minutes and if he likes you then he will want to play, but if he doesn't, he just runs off and plays. Royal knows to sit and shake. He has always been very free spirited and doing things on his terms, but that might just be because he doesn't see me as the alpha. He does know his name and stops what he's doing if you call him, but in terms of calling him to come back to go home, he might not always listen if he has not burned out his energy yet. He would love an active family with a fenced yard.