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Adopt a Husky Minnesota Board of Directors

Amanda, President of the AAHMN Board
In addition to serving AAHMN as the Board Chair, Amanda concentrates on foster coordination, intakes, and placement. Amanda and her family often take in our long term cases that need extra medical care or behavioral training. Well over 150 Siberians have been through her doors over the years.

Amanda began volunteering with Adopt A Husky in 2003 and served on the Board of Directors before leading the Minnesota chapter in creating Adopt A Husky Minnesota. Amanda has one resident Siberian Husky of her own, named Kato, he was foster failed in 2010.

Ann, Vice President of the AAHMN Board
In addition to fulfilling the AAHMN Vice President role, Ann also coordinates the vetting and care for all of our foster dogs. Ann works full time as a Veterinary Technician, and is an incredible asset in ensuring the good health of all foster dogs prior to adoption.

Ann volunteered with Adopt A Husky beginning around 2005 and also works closely with a handful of other local rescues. She played a major role in helping bring the vision of Adopt A Husky Minnesota to life. Ann has fostered over 50 dogs as of 2017. She has two Siberian Huskies at home, named Fiddy, Archie and an honorary Husky named George.

Vacant, Treasurer

Cassandra, Secretary
Cassandra volunteers as secretary for the AAHMN Board and a member of the Home Visit team. Cassandra’s career as an Investigator/Interviewer makes her a great fit thanks to her attention to detail and organization skills. She completes many home visits each month, making it possible for more families to be approved to adopt.

Cassandra volunteered with Adopt A Husky, Inc for 6 years. She helped guide the team to success as Adopt A Husky Minnesota was formed. She has played an important role in planning our yearly fundraiser auction and has a large social media presence that drives Minnesotans to our website and local events. Siberian Huskies Gir and Anika bring joy to her family every day.

Katrina, Fundraising Director
Katrina serves as a Director on the Board and also supports AAHMN by coordinating our fundraising efforts. Katrina’s role fell into place when she exceeded all expectations her first year of managing our Give to the Max Day campaign, increasing our funds raised by 700%. Katrina works closely with our event director to organize local and online fundraising events to generate donations. Her family also fosters for the rescue, and took on the huge role of fostering a special needs husky for 16+ months.

Katrina volunteered with Adopt a Husky beginning around 2013. Katrina and her family have two Siberians named Tonks and Aurora at home.

Danielle, Volunteer Director
Danielle serves on the Board of Directors, and has a focus on volunteer coordination. Danielle has made it her mission to continue to grow our volunteer base by finding roles for those who want to be more involved and keeping the communication between the board and volunteers open. Danielle has worked with several rescues, giving her knowledge in many areas of rescue, with an emphasis on training and behavioral development.

Danielle has volunteered for the rescue world going back into the early 2000’s, and had been working with Adopt A Husky since 2014. Her broad rescue knowledge was a driving force in forming Adopt A Husky Minnesota. Danielle and her daughters have fostered over 250 animals, including litters of kittens and puppies. At home they have Siberian Huskies Thor and Storm, and honorary Husky Joplin.