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Surrendering a Dog

There are times when an owner can no longer care for their dog, or when a stray or abandoned dog is found. We understand that this is a hard time and we are here to help. By filling out our form, we’ll get a better idea of the dog’s health, temperament and needs.

Please answer honestly — we are aware that no dog is perfect, and your dog’s issues will not necessarily prevent Adopt A Husky Minnesota from being able to accept them. The more we know, the better job we can do of finding them the best possible home, and your honest answers will help us determine whether we have a foster home with adequate experience to care for your dog and any special needs they may have.

Please Note: Filling out our Surrender Application does not guarantee that we will be able to accept your dog, unless the dog was previously adopted from AAHMN.

Conditions of Surrender:

  • We are a Siberian Husky breed specific rescue, we do occasionally take in mixed breeds
  • All veterinary records must be sent to us via email after you submit your application
  • Several good pictures of the dog must be sent to us via email after you submit your application
  • If you need to surrender more than one dog please fill out one form per dog
  • We cannot guarantee acceptance of your dog if it is not formerly from Adopt A Husky. We cannot accept non-AAHMN animals with the following:
    • Multiple bite history
    • A Dangerous Dog or Potentially Dangerous Dog declaration by a city or county

Ready to Proceed? 

  • Fill out the Surrender Request below
  • Email several clear pictures of the dog and vet records to us at, unless the animal is a stray and you do not have vet records
  • An Intake Coordinator will follow up with you within 5 days to discuss your dog. Please be patient with us as we are 100% volunteer based.
  • If you do not hear from us within 5 days, please check your spam folder or email us directly at
  • If we are able to place your dog in a foster home we’ll ask that you sign a document giving sole ownership of the dog to Adopt A Husky Minnesota
  • It may be helpful for your dog to go to their foster home with their crate, bedding, toys, food, and anything else that is special to him or her to ease the transition from your home to the AAHMN foster home

Please be aware that we need to meet and evaluate all dogs before committing to them so we can personally evaluate their temperament. Your assistance in meeting us at a central location is greatly appreciated and will increase the chances that we can accept your dog.

If you have any questions not covered here, please email Thank you for considering Adopt A Husky Minnesota to help with your rehoming. We appreciate that you are taking such care to help your dog.