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Meet Tinsley

Dog - Husky, Siberian/Husky

Sex: Female

Age: 8.42 years

Weight: 80.8 lbs.

Color: Red/Mahogany/White

Current Status: Unavailable Foster

Name: Tinsley

About Tinsley

Sex: Female

Color: Red & White

Eye Color: Bi-Eyed (Gold & Blue)

Birthday: June 1, 2011

Approximate Weight: 87 and dieting successfully. Thank you 🙂

Good With Dogs: Yes. Although she does not mind being around other dogs, she seems to seek out people rather than dogs. When around other dogs, she likes her space and freedom to run independently. She will occasionally engage in play time with younger foster siblings but does not seek it out on a regular basis.

Good With Cats: TBD

Crate Trained: She will go into a crate willingly but does not prefer it. She takes a little coaxing every once in a while. She is kenneled while we are at work. Her kennel sits next to foster sibling kennels. Once in the crate, it takes her a few minutes to settle down as she will cry and whine for about 5 minutes. Foster sibling, will calm her by howling with her for a moment and then it settles her.

Housebroken: Yes. She goes to the door when needs to go outside. We have bells on our door and she will ring them.

Energy Level: She is not overly active or high energy. She LOVES to go on walks, but due to her size and weight; we take a couple short walks 2 to 3 times a day. She will play with toys and will throw them up in the air catch them chase them across the room. She LOVES to play tug of war with toys and will bring the toy to you and put it in your lap when she wants to play. Once in a while, if she is in the yard with the other dogs, she will initiate play, but it does not last for long (5 to 10 minutes)

Good With Kids: Yes. Previous owner had a grandchild who was 3 and she was around all the time. She has been around her foster mom's 2 year old grandson and she can get a little excitable when she initially sees him, but then settles fairly quickly and does great with him. ****I do NOT recommend a child feeding her treats from hand. She is not a gentle eater and I have noticed that she is too eager while taking treats from and has a pretty tough bite. (NOTHING intentional)

Training: None that am aware of; however she is awesome on a leash. She knows sit, shake and "leave it". She does not "dig" holes in yard like the other naughty dogs do (LOL). She rides in a car well!!

Comments: Hello everyone! My name is Tinsley. I came to Adopt a Husky because my previous owner of 8 years loved me so much that when his work started sending him away for long periods of time, he wanted to make sure I got the attention and care that I deserved so he found Adopt of Husky and promised me that they would find a new awesome home for me to go live in and new owners to play with. The house that I used to live in had a lot of land and I got to roam freely. I also had this really tall buddie who they called a "Great Dane" that I used to live with too. My owner had a grandson who was 3 years old and he used to come over and play with me all the time too.

I am pretty new to Adopt a Husky, but the one thing that is coming through clearly from my foster people is that I am a lover. I love to be around people. I love attention and I am loyal. Don't get me wrong, I like furry dogs like me too; but I really find comfort in being around people. I currently am living with 2 huskies that are 2 years old and they have A LOT of energy compared to me. Once in a while I may go outside and play with them for a short bit, but then I need to go find my foster mom and hang with her or just lay on the deck and watch the birds or squirrels outside.

I am also on something they call a "diet". I am doing really good and have already lost 5 lbs. I don't have a medical condition or anything like that; let's just be real.....I just LOVE food and I got fed a little too much of it. I'm sure it was easy to do cause I've been know to have an awesome smile, I'm a supermodel after all. My foster mom changed my treats to things that are green like broccoli and kale. I am working on trying new foods for treats; like carrots and apples. Things are new and different with my food and I am learning to adjust. We are trying new, healthy treats all the time. I'm sure I'll get my girlish figure back with a little time, patience and help.

Everyday, sometimes twice; I I LOVE.... to go on a walk to the park. My foster mom says that I am such a good walker on a leash! I don't even pull! I am just so happy to be out and walking that I will happily stroll right with you. I never had to worry about cars when I used to live at my previous home. I had lots of land to roam, but now.... but my foster mom is teaching me to stay away from cars when we are walking. I had no idea they could hurt you. When we go to the park I see the kids play and sometimes they come to pet me and oh, I just love that. It makes me smile really big! Sometimes, if its raining; my foster mom puts me in the car and we go for a ride cause she says I am an "awesome car rider" and we go visit my foster sisters and I run and go play in their backyard.

Life is so good isn't it??? You guys call it puppy love....I call it "people love". I really would like to fall in love with people who will scratch behind my ears, give me a couple short walks a day, make sure I keep eating healthy, and let me sleep next to their bed on my doggie bed. I really am pretty easy going. I am just waiting to move my doggie bed into a new forever home where someone can help take care of me and I can love them back.

Please note.....besides my diet, here are a couple things we are working on. * Everything is "new" right now and I really did come from a nice, loving home and even though my foster mom and dad are rock stars, I get a little anxious when they go away. I will start to cry and get a little over dramatic. I am told that I have a very "unpleasant" howl...I mean....VERY unpleasant. 🙁 I usually find comfort when my foster mom and dad say that it is "okay" or my husky foster brother sings with me for a moment and then I calm down and I feel much better.

* Food - this thing they call a "diet" makes me do silly things like, counter surf. I've been busted a couple times and can't even deny it. I got busted sneaking a boiled egg off the counter yesterday. Oops. I was so embarrassed! I cannot lie the kitchen, with my foster my favorite place to be! Hoping to catch that scrap of food or crumb that may fall on the floor. I'm a little food driven right now but I'm doing my best to behave.

Thanks for reading all about me, I hope you'll consider being my furever home!

~ Ta-Ta from Tinsley

P.S. Note from Tinsley's foster parents. She is so easy to LOVE! She is very sweet, affectionate and low maintenance.

Adoption Fee: $250

All our fosters are: Spayed or neutered before adoption. Evaluated for temperament and trainability. Up to date on rabies, distemper and bordetella, Heart-worm tested and on preventative year round. Microchipped.