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Meet Jessie - 0410

Dog - Husky, Siberian/Husky

Sex: Female

Age: 1.25 years

Weight: 50.5 lbs.

Color: White

Current Status: Healthy In Home

Sex: Female

About Jessie - 0410

Color: White

Eye Color: Brown

Birthday: 10/21/22

Weight: 50 lbs

Large Dog Friendly: Yes

Small Dog Friendly: Unknown

Cat Friendly: Likely no

Crate Trained: Mostly. We don't think she was crated in her previous home so she has been learning that crates are okay!

Housebroken: Yes, but when we come home from work and let her out of her crate she pees in excitement. We are working on that!

Energy Level: High

Reaction to New People: Friendly but a little cautious.

Kid Friendly: Unknown. Her foster family does not have children.

Training: Working on the basics, she knows sit. Leash skills are C+/B-.

Grooming Needs: Jessie has a standard husky coat which will require regular thorough brushing. You should aim for once a week or so, and more when she is blowing her coat, typically twice a year.

Fence: A fence or tie out would work, but a fenced yard would be ideal.

Solo or Siblings: She would love to have another dog to play with but would also do fine as an only dog with an active family. She was the only dog in her previous family.

From the Foster: For whatever reason, Jessie ate some gorilla glue and had emergency surgery to remove it all from her stomach on 10/10/23. This little lady is very lucky to be alive, as this glue expands in the GI tract and is usually impossible to remove. Because of the costly care she needed, she was surrendered to AAHMN. Despite having a major surgery, Jessie has done great in her recovery and has been a sweet, loveable girl. She has not tried to eat any more glue or other non-food objects, which her foster family is very happy about!

Jessie was an only dog in her previous family, but she has loved having foster siblings to play with. She has gotten along well with both resident dogs (one male and one female), even though they are older and don't want to play as much as she does. She also loves toys and is not shy about asking you to play fetch or tug of war! Jessie has gone on both walks and runs with her foster mom & siblings, and her leash skills are okay. She pulls a lot at first, but once the initial excitement is over she'll settle in after a few blocks and is much better. She's not perfect yet, but she is working hard to become her best self! She is a sweetheart and will make a lucky family very happy!

Adoption Fee: $400

All dogs coming into Adopt a Husky Minnesota receive care tailored to their needs, including: Nose-to-tail exam with a partner veterinarian, Vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella), 4DX test to check for heartworm or tick exposure, Fecal Analysis, Heartworm and Flea/Tick Preventative, Spay/Neuter prior to adoption, Microchip, and are evaluated for temperament and trainability.