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Meet Sabbath

Dog - Husky, Siberian/Husky

Sex: Male

Age: 3.42 years

Weight: 60 lbs.

Color: Grey/White

Current Status: Home To Home

Please contact the owner directly, Adopt A Husky Minnesota does not have this dog, nor are we able to answer questions about him. Contact : Robin Gray King- 651-387-5198

About Sabbath

Name: Sabbath

Sex: Male

Color: Gray & White

Eye Color: Brown

Birthday: 11/02/2020

Weight: 60lbs

Large Dog Friendly: Yes, plays often at boarding and at doggy daycare.

Small Dog Friendly: Yes, has been around them at doggy daycare. There have been no problems identified.

Cat Friendly: Yes, has lived with cats and tends to chase them, but has caused no harm.

Crate Trained: He has been crate trained, particularly in the car. He can be vocal in the car. He has in the past also had crate in the house for overnight. His most recent foster has had him out during the night, and he has done well without being in the crate.

Housebroken: Yes, will bark to go outside.

Energy Level: He is high energy, and he loves his naps, long walks And interesting toy games are his best friends

Reaction to New People: Friendly

Kid Friendly: He hasn't had a lot of exposure to children in the last two years. Friendly yes. However he does not know his size and can knock them down as a result. He needs manners but he is well intended.

Training: He has been trained and has had refresher courses as well. He is great with basic commands and positive reward systems.

Grooming Needs: Typical Husky grooming needs, more in the spring time and fall.

Fence: Not required but is a great idea- It gives him the opportunity to be outside independently and release energy and exercise his brain.

Solo or Siblings: He is a solo guy right now.

From the Owner: He is a wonderful, sweet guy, who adores attention, love, snuggling, and play.

Contact : Robin Gray King- 651-387-5198